Review – Room / The Dazzle

Scroll as normal to read the reviews separately, or click when it says click to read the full, monstrous hybrid.  Room We start from nothing. Barely conscious, without even knowing how to breathe until air forces its way into screaming lungs. Barely able to use

Credit: Johan Persson

Review – A Christmas Carol, Noel Coward Theatre

Written for Exeunt. When Dickens, in his eternal fable of goodwill and socialism, wrote those immortal words “no cheeses for us meeces”, how was he to know that those “meeces” would one day mean paying members of a theatre audience and those “cheeses” would mean

Credit: Manuel Harlan

Review – Bull, Young Vic

Written for Exeunt.  The book of love is long and boring. The book of hate and greed, on the other hand, is really short and you can get through it in a couple of hours. In fact it’s probably not even a book at all,

Credit: Johan Persson

Review – Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Written for Exeunt. Since all my knowledge of Choderlos de Laclos’ epistolary novel comes from the film adaptation Cruel Intentions, one of the greatest teen drama films, there’s a nice mixture of surprise and familiarity in watching the play version. For one thing, the scheming aristocrats

Credit: Alistair Muir

Review – Hapgood, Hampstead Theatre

Written for Time Out. As always with a Tom Stoppard play, ‘Hapgood’ is not actually about what you think it is. Sure, it may seem like a Cold War espionage thriller, but that’s just a front for the play’s true theme: quantum physics. The play is itself

Credit: Mark Douet

Review – Ben Hur, Tricycle Theatre

Written for Exeunt.   1. His first name isn’t Ben, it’s Judah. 2. Like Moby-Dick, there’s a hyphen between ‘Ben’ and ‘Hur’ that often gets forgotten about. 3. It’s set in Ancient Rome, but not based on a classical text – it was actually written


Review – Waste, National Theatre

“Life is overrated.” A line that was spoken on stage three minutes after someone in the front row of the audience had suffered what appeared to be a serious heart attack. “To mention or not to mention” is how Miriam Gillinson puts it, writing about

Credit: Piers Foley

Review – Rotterdam, Theatre 503

Written for Time Out. Congrats, millennials, I think we’ve made it. This tender little gem from ‘Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho’ writer Jon Brittain is about a lesbian couple, one of whom reveals she’s transgender. And it’s the most normal thing in the world. It


Review – Elf, Dominion Theatre

Written for Exeunt. Right now on Amazon the DVD of Elf is £4. Let’s take a bog standard nuclear family – 2 parents, 2 kids. That’s a quid each to watchElf. It’s a funny film. Will Ferrell is funny. I’d pay a quid to watch


Review – Xanadu, Southwark Playhouse

What is Xanadu? It’s a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Yeah, but what is Xanadu? Ok, well Olivia Newton John is generally remembered for three things: playing the Australian sweetheart in Grease, singing the pile of stinky cheese that is ‘Let’s Get Physical’, and one